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Results 1 - 50 of 160 6 Nov 1975 The Postnatal Development Of The Ovary Of The Heterozygous Nude (nu +) Mouse With The Genetic Background Balb C Is Very Similar--if Not .
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This Sex Difference, Too, Is Nearly Absent In Nudes (pantelouris, 1974; Table Iii) Development Of The Ovary In Nude Mice Partly As A Follow-up To The .
The Postnatal Development Of The Ovary In The “ Nude” Mouse On Researchgate, The Professional Network For Scientists.
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Mesenteric And Popliteal Lymph Nodes In Young (6-10 Week Old) Nude Rats The Morphology Of The Pituitary Gland, Thyroid, Adrenals, Ovaries, And Testes In Nude .
Lintern-moore, S And Pantelouris, E M , Ovarian Development In Athymic Nude Mice I The Size And Composition Of The Follicle Population, Mech Age Develop.
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These Cells Were Passed To In Vivo Growth By Ipinoculation Into Nude Mice ( Approximately 10(6] Cells Ml Mouse); All 5 Developed Af Tumors The (af) Was .
Results 10 - 50 of 160 Human Yolk Sac Tumor Of The Ovary Was Transplanted In Nude Mice The Transplanted Tumor Cells Had An Ability To Grow In This Heterologous Host, And Produced A .
9 Mar 2016 A Nude Mouse Received Subcutaneous Injection Of Human Ovarian Cancer Cells Ho-8910pm To Form A Tumor, And Then The Tumor Fragment Was .
6 Aug 1975 The Postnatal Development Of The Ovary Of The Heterozygous Nude (nu +) Mouse With The Genetic Background Balb C Is Very Similar—if Not .
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Congenitally Athymic ( Nude) Female Mice Show Severe Ovarian Dysgenesis After Puberty, Which Seems To Be Consequential To A Number Of Neuroendocrine .
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Human Ovarian Carcinoma Metastatic Models Constructed In Nude Mice By Orthotopic Transplantation Of Histoiogically-intact Patient Specimens Xinyu Fu'  .
28 May 2010 Abstract Background This Study Was Designed To Assess The Impact Of Different Ovarian Tissue Transplantation Sites On The Follicular Pool And .
Abstract We Report Here The First Orthotopic Transplant Model For Human Ovarian Cancer Histologically-intact Patient Specimens Of Ovarian Cancer Were.
Preclinical Mouse Models Of Ovarian Cancer, Including Xenograft, Syngeneic, And Nude Mice Are Athymic And Therefore Have A Limited T Cell Response, And .
1 Aug 2010 Karen From The Naked Ovary In Case You Were Wondering Where She Is, She Is Here (busy Sorting Out My To Do List Posting The Link Was One Of .
Antibody (ovb-3) That Reacts With All Ovarian Cancers Tested (10 10) But Few Immunodeficient ( Nude) Mouse; 40-60 Days Later The Mouse Dies With Massive .
Heterozygous And Homozygous Nude Female Mice With The Genetic Organs, Including The Reduced Ovaries Weight And Size28, Increased Follicular Atresia And  .
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Background Ovarian Tissue Preservation And Retransplantation Is A Promising Strategy To Restore Fertility In Cancer Survivors However, Ischemia Accompanying  .
4 Jan 2006 Science Articles, From The Naked Scientists Published 4th Jan 2006 After The Egg Is Released, The Ovary Starts Producing The Other Key .
Virtually All Of The Human Tumors Are Xenografts Grown In Athymic Nude Mice, Although Mri-h-207, Ovary, Undifferentiated Carcinoma, Primary Xenotransplant .
Inoculated S C Into Balb C Nude Mice, And Tumor Growth Was Monitored Levels Of Vegf In Patients With Cancer Of The Ovary Have Been Associated With .
From A Heterologous Mixed Mullerian Tumor Cell Of The Ovary Although The Tissue Culture Of Cells Obtained From Nude Mouse Heterotransplants Generally Results .
Keywords Animal Models; Ovarian Cancer; Genetically Engineered Mouse Model To Observe The Effect Of Loss- And Gain-of-function Of This Ligand, Nude Mice .
12 Mar 2014 However, The Effects Of Yap On Ovarian Cancer Development In Vivo And Nude Mice Were Obtained From The Center Of Experimental Animals, .
Results 31 - 50 of 160 However, There Are A Few Animal Models That Develop Ovarian Tumors Of Es-2 Ovarian Cancer Cells Under The Bursal Membrane Of Nude Mouse Ovaries.
The Opioid Growth Factor Inhibits Established Ovarian Cancer In Nude Mice And Can Be Combined With Taxol Or Cisplatin To Enhance Growth Inhibition.
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11 Sep 2011 Come To Http Momstrous Com In The Next Week Or So That's My New Home It's Going To Be A Humor Site About Motherhood, Using Mainly .
That Inhibits Human Ovarian Cancer Dissemination And Angiogenesis In An Orthotopic Nude Mouse Model Francis S Marklanda Kate Shieha Qing Zhoua.
Titumor Activity Of The Thioether Conjugate Was Tested In The Ovcar-3 Nude Mouse Model Of Human Ovarian Cancer Mice Implanted With 25 X Lo6 Ovcar3 Cells .
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4 Nov 2015 In A Recent Joint Interview On Today With Her Husband, 51-year-old Brad Pitt, She Revealed To Tom Brokaw That Her Decision To Have Her Ovaries .
3 Oct 2014 For Therapy Studies, Nude Mice (n = 8) Were Injected Subcutaneously With Igrov1 Human Ovarian Carcinoma Cells And Received A Single Dose .
29 Oct 2015 Female Nod Scid And Nude Mice Were Purchased From Arc And Used At High Dose Estrogen Supplementation In Ovary Intact Mice Leads To .
The Two Main Defects Of Mice Homozygous For The Nude Spontaneous Mutation ( Foxn1 Nu , Formerly Hfh11 Nu ) Are Abnormal Hair Growth And Defective .
Ovary By Increased Secretion Of Ovarian Steroids In Sum- Mary, Using Our In Vivo Nude Mice System, The Proliferation Of Normal Human Breast Epithelial Cells Could  .
Of Isolated Human Ovarian Follicles And Cortical Tissue Into Nude Mice (d) Macroscopic View Of The Left Ovarian Bursa Grafted With Isolated Follicles Embedded .
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Not Enclosed In An Ovary Naked Seeds B Unprotected By Scales Naked Buds C Lacking A Perianth Naked Flowers D Without Leaves Or Pubescence Naked .
23 Sep 2005 Fresh Tumor Fragments (1 Mm3) Were Then Implanted By Surgical Orthotopic Implantation On The Ovarian Serosa In Nude Mice The Mice Were .
12 Dec 1994 In Nude Mice We Conclude That The Macrophage Chemoat- Tractant Mcp-1 Is Produced By Epithelial Ovarian Cancer And That The Tumor Cells .
Treating Nude Mice With Ptx And Pd And Ly Prolonged Survival In An Ovarian Cancer Xenograft Model (p < 0 005) These Results Indicate That Further Study Is.
Results 49 - 50 of 160 18 Apr 2011 Infertile Woman Gives Birth To Baby Girl After Having An Ovary Martha Stewart, 75, Admits She's Sexted And Attended A Nude Beach While .
Ovary Was Propagated In Nude Mice After Cryopreservation Of The 3rd-passage Xenograft For 4 Years, Subsequent In Vivo Transplants Showed The Emergence Of .
Nude Mice (nu Nu) Are Commonly Used In The Development Of Anticancer Drugs As An Animal Ovarian Hormones Are Not Required For Prl-induced Mammary .
Outbred Background Originated From An Accidental Cross Between The Balb C Inbred Nude And Nih(s) Outbred Nude Mice; The Standard Athymic Model For .
The Gymnosperms Are A Group Of Seed-producing Plants That Includes Conifers, Cycads, Ginkgo, Their Naked Condition Stands In Contrast To The Seeds And Ovules Of Flowering Plants (angiosperms), Which Are Enclosed Within An Ovary Gymnosperm Seeds Develop Either On The Surface Of Scales Or Leaves, Often Modified To .
Mrna, Protein Expression, And Tumor Growth In Nude Mice By Transfection With 2 Neu Depletion On In Vitro And In Vivo Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth As A Model .
For In Vivo Studies Hey Cells Were Injected I P Into Nude The Breast And Ovary ( 3), But Are Not Specific For These Malig Adapted To Grow I P In Nude Mice (9).
Ovary Of Estradiol-induced Anovulatory C31f1 Mice And Subfertile Athymic Nude Mice Balb C, Nude (ν Nubalb C), C3jh, 132j, And Cd1 Mice Were Obtained.
Given Its Source And Sampling Features, This Ovarian Carcinoma Cell Line Will Provide Nude Mice Were Purchased From Shanghai Laboratory Animal Center Of .
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15 Sep 2014 Establishment Of An Orthotopic Transplantation Tumor Model In Nude Mice Using A Drug‑resistant Human Ovarian Cancer Cell Line With A High .
29 Jun 2012 Furthermore, Nude Mice Inoculated With The Ovarian Cancer Cell Line Were Evaluated By Disease Score, Extent Of Neovascularisation And .
Tov-21g (atcc® Crl-11730™) Like Ov-90 (atcc Crl-11732), The Ov-21g ( Atcc Crl-11730) Cell Line Exhibits A Deletion At Chromosome 3p24 Moreless .
6 Sep 2009 The Ovaries, In Addition To Their Regulatory Function Producing Hormones, Produce Female Gametes Called Eggs Which, When Fertilized By Male .
Replication In Vitro And In Nude Mice Preclinical Studies Warrant The Use Of Ogf Alone, Or In Combination, For Treatment Of Triple-negative Breast And Ovarian.
Pubmed Journal Article [avastin Combined With Cisplan Inhibits Malignant Ascites Production In Nude Mice Bearing Transplanted Ovary Carcinoma With High Vegf .
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2 Nov 2014 We Describe A Protocol To Establish An I P Ovarian Cancer In Nude Mice And An Approach For I P Tumor Monitoring That Provides Whole Animal .
Studies In An Immunologically Intact Animal Model For Serous Ovarian Cancer, We A Patient-like Orthotopic Implantation Nude Mouse Model Of Highly Metastatic .
Mouse Ovarian Tissue Or Cryopreserved Sheep Ovarian Tissue (group V; N = 7) Nude (nu Nu) Mice As An In Vivo Bioassay Of Cryopreserved Ovarian Tissue .
Tumors (mc-38) In Nude Mice Days After Spleen Liv E R Kidney Bowel Ovary S K In Tum Or Mccart Et Al, Gene Therapy, 2000 108 Pfu Ip In Nude Mice 2%.
The Pathophysiology Of The Hematopoiesis Induced By Gm-csf Released From Tumor Of Chinese Hamster Ovary (cho) Cell Line In Nude Mice To Our Knowledge  .
Each Female Flower Has A Single Compound 2-carpelled Pistil With 2 Deeply Divided Styles And An Inferior Or Nude Ovary A Placental Septum Divides The Lower Part .
This Study Shows That The Sheep Ovary Is A Suitable Method For Further Studies On Fresh And Frozen Rat Ovarian Tissue Into The Ovarian Bursae Of Nude Mice .
25 Nov 2015 In Some Cases, This Means A Ball On One Side And An Ovary On The Other; In Others , It Means Hybrid Beasties Known As “ovatestes ” To The Naked .
8 Feb 2012 ( Countdown ) 8 Chickens Can Undergo Natural Sex Changes All It Takes Is One Dysfunctional Ovary To Turn A Hen Into A Rooster Two Sex .
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12 Sep 2010 Human Ovarian Fragments Will Be Incubated With Pten Inhibitor And Pi3k Activating Peptide And Will Then Be Transplanted To Nude Mice.
Metastasis Of Gfp-expressing Cho Cells After Orthotopic Transplantation In The Nude-mouse Ovary Tumor Pieces Previously Grown In Subcutaneous Nude Mice .
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Induction Of Ovarian Cancer By Defined Multiple Genetic Changes In A Mouse Model System Sandra Orsulic X Sandra Orsulic Search For Articles By This Author .
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